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In case of questions, please contact the PSF Python Job Board team. Have a job that our community would be interested in? Please check our job submission how-to for details on how to file a job posting. Six Feet Up is looking for a full-time Senior Open Source Web Developer to create beautiful back-end code powering sophisticated Python based web projects. Five years of experience using SAS to perform ETL.

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This will include guiding the work of construction trades such as electricians and professional disciplines such as engineers. Ensure service providers have access to the required hardware. Debug systems and perform remote diagnostics on field failures by reviewing data logged by energy storage devices. Develop processes and documentation for standard service actions. Recognize trends and patterns in field failures and feedback to the development team to drive future designs. Provide technical support in order to minimize system downtime, through day-to-day coverage of internationally distributed service cases.

Backend Developer

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Remote Career Python Developer

Remote position, flexible hours available. Collaborate with teams to design software products, write and review code, and maintain JavaScript libraries. Requires 3 years’ software development experience and proficiency with Remote Career SQL and JavaScript. Python/AWS Engineer is needed for a temporary remote role. He/She will work with cutting edge technologies within data science, big data, and software engineering. Must possess strong Python skills.

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The dashboard will include a map populated by geolocation data we provide. Very small task consisting of guidance and review on just 2 questions from an assignment on unsupervised learning using Gaussian Mixture Model and EM algorithm.

Must have three years’ experience in Python and experience building modern and secure APIs. Remote, full-time, flexible job paying PLN 8,400-13,000.

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Candidate will research growing market trends, evaluate current business processes, and create strategies that lead to optimal business performance. Must have 5-10 years of database marketing experience. Seeking a principal data scientist for a full-time role with the option to telecommute. Will produce analytical insights and statistical models to optimize business and marketing spend. Must have five to ten years of analytics or database marketing exp.

Experience with environmental and safety requirements a plus. Experience in the energy industry preferred. The candidate should be a certified/licensed electrician in their country. The candidate should have a minimum of 3 years of experience working in a Low and/or Remote Career Python Developer Medium Voltage electrical systems. \n\n\n\nMightySignal is venture-backed and sells $25K+/yr contracts to serve SDK installation data to sales and marketing teams in the mobile app development market. We’re a very healthy business with some amazing technology.

Remote Career Python Developer

You will join the early stage of projects and participate in defining the platform for the next generation products. You will work directly with Product Owners to deliver products in a collaborative and agile environment. You will participate in defining the architecture of modern tools and runtime for operating your code such as AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, and Terraform. You will build API DevOps Engineer to a multi-tenant backend services to enable easy access by internal applications, clients, and partners. At our company, product roadmaps are a team sport so you will work directly with Product and Engineering Management to define, architect, and build experiences. Engineers own production services end-to-end, so you may be deploying multiple times a week as part of an Agile process.

\n\n# Requirements\nBe good about managing email and other communication. \n\nStandard full-stack knowledge. Rails and AWS are most important, followed by Python and iOS/Android architecture.\n\nCan be part-time or full-time.

Additional experience in construction trades preferred. Strong ability to work and communicate effectively with external service providers. Strong ability to work and communicate effectively with her/ his team and peers within the engineering organization. Excellent written and oral communications skills in Croatian and English. Additional European languages a plus.

  • Seeking python web developer for full-time role with option for some remote work.
  • Will write and verify code, perform updates and maintenance, conduct regular reviews, ensure compliance.
  • At least 5 yrs of related experience required.
  • Senior developer needed for a remote position requiring five+ years’ experience in software development, English fluency, familiarity with REST, Docker, Flask.
  • Will generate and develop design application, write code, troubleshoot and resolve issues.
  • Senior engineer needed for a remote position requiring five+ years’ software engineering experience, exceptional Python programming skills.

Strong Junior

So you don’t have to move to San Francisco for an awesome career in tech. You can stay right where you are. We are looking for a Python Developer to join our engineering team and help us develop and maintain various software products. This position will be entirely remote.

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Python Engineer I

Work primarily on backend, middleware and databases but everyone in the team regularly works on the full stack. YouGov is searching for a Remote Python Developer to collaborate building a modern and large-scale cloud-based analytics platform built for the web, entirely in Python. We Work Remotely is the largest remote work community in the world. With over 2.5M monthly visitors, WWR is the #1 destination to find and list incredible remote jobs. When searching for digital marketing jobs, it helps to get more specific about the types of roles you’re looking for. Email marketing, community management, social media, content marketing, and partnership jobs may not have “digital marketing” in the title. It helps to know what specific roles you’re actually interested in while searching job sites.

Revenue has doubled in the past year and customer upgrades are currently offsetting cancellations (aka “negative churn” — most companies never see this). \n\n\n\nWe work in and around San Francisco. Our hardware lab is in Las Vegas and that’s where we’ll do quarterly meetups. \n\n\n\nOur job is to keep this business highly profitable without disrupting the growth trajectory. \n\n\n\n# Responsibilities\n Maintain a complex suite of microservices, datastores, and web architecture. \n\nManage other remote engineering teammates as they consolidate services or run other projects.\n\nContinue to find ways to streamline and cut costs as needed.\n\nMaybe even fit in some R&D.

Will write and verify code, perform updates and maintenance, conduct regular reviews, ensure compliance. Seeking python web developer for full-time role with option for some remote work. Occasional on-call evenings and weekends may be required.

Strong ability to be self-directed and work independently, with strong organization and documentation skills. Exceptional capacity for managing simultaneous activities Remote Career Python Developer and challenges. Strong analytical problem solving skills and hands-on experience with hardware, tools, instruments, CAN or similar protocol analysis.

Remote Career Python Developer

Must have five plus years of experience in building and deploying web applications using the Python ecosystem. Develop web and mobile applications for clients worldwide.

3+ years’ software development experience and experience with cloud required. Seeking experienced Python developer to participate in two projects primarily utilizing Python and Django, performing front-end/back-end development. jQuery skills are a big plus, along with solid SQL skills.