Porsche Black/Blue Aviator


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By looking at this Porsche Design you can tell Porsche Design does a fantastic job in revealing all the great qualities in these Mens Sunglasses. The various traits distinctively found adorned all throughout this Porsche Design  are truly fascinating.  Black w/Blue & Black Mirrored, Size 67-07-135.

Feel at ease buying Porsche Design from an online authorized reseller of Porsche Design. These Sunglasses made by Porsche Design are brand new & 100% authentic and carry a one year minimum warranty. Get your own Porsche Design today.

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This Porsche Design P 8656 is a perfect choice of Sunglasses from the brilliant Porsche Design collection. These exciting Sunglasses have a compelling arrangement of brilliant features.  It is fully rimmed along the edges to give a sense of completeness, lens security, toleration and absolute style. The eye size of this item is 67 millimeters. It’s nature’s color for water and sky. A sporty look for an active lifestyle. If you’re looking for something feminine, look no further. These frames are specifically designed for women.  Composed of metal like nickel, monel or stainless steel to help give some durability and relative overall strength. Usually paired with polarized lenses, mirror coatings come in a variety of colors. Their highly reflective properties reflect heat, glare, and can enhance visual comfort. The length of the temple pieces are 135 millimeters. You can’t go wrong with this classic aviator shape. The width of the bridge of this frame is 7 millimeters. If you’re looking for something masculine, look no further. These frames are specifically designed for men.