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Avast Antivirus Solutions Review

On the downside, it let known viruses through, saps too much of a system’s resources and lacks backup software. There are quite a few differences between the free and the paid version of Avast. Avast Premium Security gives you more options and better complete protection. Both versions include real-time scans and software that can block viruses, spyware and many other malware threats. In addition to protection against malware, Avast also offers a number of extra features.

A review in Tom’s Hardware gave the AVG software seven out of ten stars. The review highlighted that the software has a small Configurator for Kodi for Windows system footprint and has good malware protection, but does not have a quick scan option and lacks many additional features. In 2014, CVC Capital bought an interest in Avast for an undisclosed sum.

Avast had its IPO on the London Stock Exchange in May 2018, which valued it at £2.4bn and was one of the UK’s biggest technology listings. As with other antivirus products, Avast offers a free trial before you buy. Once you’ve decided it’ll be a fit for your business, pricing is fairly competitive and flexible across its managed product portfolio. Packed with security features that can protect a company’s computers from attack, Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plusoffers nearly complete defense from the worst that the web can throw at your business. From its firewall and Virtual Private Network to a data shredder and password manager, Pro Plus can keep data safe and secure.

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A webcam shield, for example, to prevent criminals from spying on you via your webcam. You can also protect your data and even “shred” old documents to delete them safely. In short, Avast has a very complete offer to protect you against online threats in almost every possible way. A good antivirus program will help protect your online privacy and security. There are many cybersecurity companies, each offering their own virus scanner. There are a number of factors to take into consideration, which we cover in detail for every one of our antivirus reviews.

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  • Another reason to love AWeber is because they offer outstanding customer support.
  • There is a free plan for up to 1,000 subscribers, but you’re limited to just 12,000 emails per month.
  • You can use this option as an extended free trial when you’re just starting out.

Later that year, Avast acquired mobile app developer Inmite in order to build Avast’s mobile apps. Additionally, in 2014 Avast’s online support forum was compromised, exposing 400,000 names, passwords, and email addresses. By 2015, Avast had the largest share of the market for antivirus software. In July 2016, Avast reached an agreement to buy AVG for $1.3 billion. AVG was a large IT security company that sold software for desktops and mobile devices. In July 2017, Avast acquired UK-based Piriform for an undisclosed sum. Shortly afterwards it was disclosed that someone may have created a malicious version of CCleaner with a backdoor for hackers.

You can also make sure that your browsing activity is shielded with a built-in VPN. When using the public Wi-Fi, it scans the Wi-Fi even before connecting so it can detect whether hackers are on the public network hijacking data packets. In case your device is stolen, various features protect your data, locate your devices, and capture the thief. All Avast plans come with the standards of antivirus software, like virus detection and malware protection. They also detect and guard against ransomware (though you’ll get better ransomware protection through the paid plans than Avast Free Antivirus). However, there are also many special features not included with every antivirus software. Avast software has five antivirus plans that offer virus protection, malware protection, and a few additional features.